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    Gene Schooley born in Traverse city, Michigan has had an interest in being an artist most of her life. It wasn't until she took her first reproduction doll class in 1987 that she found her real artistic skill. As an oil painting artist with several blue ribbons, Gene started sculpting in late 1990. She took an early retirement from the Sheriff's Department in June of 1993 and became serious about her sculpting. She won a 1994 and 1996 DOTY (Doll of the year) nominee, and loves to create realistic faces on her dolls from photographs and pictures of her granddaughters, nieces, and nephews. Gene has been in business almost 30 years now, traveling to nearly every state. Selling her doll's at craft shows, being quite successful over the years. Now hoping to continue her success online for all to see!



"I decided to set this website up for my grandmother, Gene Schooley, as a gift to her and my grandpa! They have ALWAYS been there for me and my family in times of need. Since my grandpa's recent, unfortunate stroke, he has lost the use of his left arm:( unable to help my grandma with the doll's and craft shows like he use to in the past.) I was raised with the doll's my whole life to one day continue sharing Gene's doll's with you, when they are no longer able to. I made my own dolls at the age of 3 to play with! I now have four children of my own at the age of 25. We drive about an hour once a week to help my grandma, build the dolls and load up her trailer for a craft show. Sometimes she is gone for a weekend, up to a couple of months at a time. I'm hoping that creating this online store for her business, will make my grandparents life's a little easier and more manageable. And definitely so they have more time for their grandchildren and great grandchildren!:)"  - Samantha Peever.           


   These beautiful vinyl collectible dolls are one of kind hand sculpted & signed dolls. They measure 24 inches in height, and weigh between 4-5 pounds. The bodies are filled with pellets 1/4 of the butt and stuffing is used for the rest of the body. The dolls have full arms and legs so they can wear short sleeves and shorts. You may use sponge rollers on their hair, Just don't use hot rollers as it may damage the hair. The fingers are all separate on the dolls hand. Feet measure approximately 2 3/4 long by 1 3/4 wide on the biggest part of the foot. The dolls Fit into o-3 month clothing if you are looking to put something of your own childs on her. Each doll has lots of hard work and love put into it just for you!


 As a buyer you can expect fast, friendly, loyal, customer service! FREE SHIPPING! Nicely packaged box containing your signed doll. Outfit, socks, shoes, tag, & receipt of purchase  all included!

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